Senior Back End Developer

Denverdata Web is Seeking a Senior Back End Developer

  • Drupal and Wordpress development and customization experience required
  • Denverdata Web - Denver, CO 80216
  • Full-time (part-time or contract will be considered)
  • Salary: $85,000 - $100,000 


Denverdata Web has been a recognized leader in Professional Website Design and Web Application Development for over 20 years. We are a lean-and-mean team of passionate, disciplined experts with an amazing track record delivering well designed and architected Web solutions to our customers. We are seeking an Senior Back End Developer with Drupal and/or WordPress experience to join our team in an influential role that combines leadership, mentoring, and senior Web development. Denverdata Web is a flexible and progressive work environment located in the RiNo TAXI campus with a premium office overlooking downtown Denver. We offer competitive benefits as well as access to the TAXI gym, swimming pool, steam room, and other resources. If you are the right person for this opportunity we would like to hear from you!

Job Description:

The Senior Back End Developer will serve as project technical lead and will guide/mentor the development team, perform requirements analysis, solution architecture, and all coding and configuration necessary to produce client websites and Web applications that utilize Drupal and WordPress. For every project to which they are assigned, the Senior Back End Developer provides:

  • Technical expertise in the platform and technologies necessary to create the site
  • Accurate estimation of tasks and timelines based upon provided scope and specification
  • Clear and accurate communication with the Project Manager on ticket information, progress, and impediments to progress

Is Denverdata Web the Right Fit for You?

You've probably worked for companies that profess employee growth, agile development, and a collaborative environment, but what did that really mean?

Drawing inspiration from both the Open Source revolution and the true spirit of Agile planning, we firmly believe that the keys to success for our company, our projects, and our teammates lie in a few simple but powerful premises:

  • Put forth your best effort. Make mistakes.
  • Constantly evaluate progress and results
  • Document clear actions to be taken
  • Repeat

What does this all mean? By institutionalizing this practice of plan, execute, review, and repeat in all aspects of our operation, we successfully foster a spirit of continuous improvement, honest communication, and supportive collaboration scarcely seen in the industry. We don't fear change: We embrace it as a tool for growth and success.

  • You crave an environment where you will both teach and learn.
  • You desire a company where your breadth of talents, skills, background and interests add strength and diversity to the team.
  • You demand excellence of yourself and of your team.

If these principles are meaningful to you, you need Denverdata Web!

Senior Back End Developer Responsibilities:

  • Develops primarily server-side components of web applications
  • Produces resource-efficient, performant code which adheres to established community and company practices and standards
  • Creates or customizes modules and plugins in support of specialized functionality
  • Works with front-end developers to provide necessary data for user experience and display
  • Creates integrations with 3rd party service api requests of various methods
  • Understands company operating procedures, and performs all activities in accordance with these practices including:
  • Task workflow
  • Coding standards
  • Version control system usage
  • Implements features and functionality according to specified scope
  • Leverages platform core features and configuration
  • Employs community modules/plugins and configuration
  • Works with Project management staff to produce clear, actionable tickets
  • Develops approach
  • Reviews and verifies estimates
  • Communicates with Project Manager to obtain additional details or clarification as necessary
  • Contributes to analysis and refinement of Standard Operating Procedures

The Senior Developer is additionally responsible for:

  • Development team leadership and mentoring
  • Project architectural design and technology selection
  • Communication and enforcement of coding policies and best practices
  • Requirements gathering/UCD process

Technical Experience Required:

  • Development experience in PHP, MySQL, Javascript
  • Familiarity with HTML and CSS
  • Experience in setup and configuration of the LAMP stack
  • Specific experience developing for Drupal and/or WordPress
  • Knowledge of and experience with community modules, plugins, and themes
  • JQuery
  • Analytical and critical thinking

Other technical experience that is a plus:

  • Experience in modern javascript/jquery development
  • Experience with systems administration in a cloud environment

Additional technical skills:

  • Experienced in usage of the JIRA project management system
  • Experienced in agile software development processes and procedures
  • Familiarity with git version control system

Personal and professional attributes:

  • Positive, collaborative, and professional demeanor
  • Organized
  • Enthusiastic
  • Quality oriented with great attention to detail
  • Communicates and interacts with customers in a professional manner
  • Always looking for ways to become more efficient
  • Stays familiar with and applies industry standard best practices
  • Solves problems strategically, using replicable industry best practices

Required experience:

  • 6+ years LAMP stack software development experience
  • 3+ years of advanced Drupal experience
  • 2+ years of advanced WordPress experience
  • 1+ years developing in a web agency environment

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Competitive benefits for full-time staff
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Exciting projects that use the latest technologies
  • Free access to gym, swimming pool, steam room & bicycle sharing
  • New premium office in RiNo that overlooks Downtown Denver
  • Free parking

Interested individuals should be able to show original work in Drupal and Wordpress. Please provide a resume and a cover letter for consideration. Those within the United States with the ability to work remotely will be considered.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Salary: $85,000.00 to $100,000.00 /year

Interested individuals should be able to show original work in Drupal and Wordpress. Please provide a resume and a cover letter for consideration.

Job Title: 
Senior Back End Developer (Denver Area Based)
Job location: 
3070 Blake Street, Suite 200-A
Denver, CO 80205
United States
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