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Denverdata Web House Warming Party 2019

Successful Housewarming Party 2019

February 12 2019

Over the past couple months, Denverdata Web has been experiencing exciting and positive change! With the addition of new service offerings and team members this past year, we began looking for a new workspace to match our growth and innovation.

In October, we packed up our belongings, destroyed our old server infrastructure, and bid farewell to the TAXI campus office which served us well for so many years. Read More about our Farewell...

Please join us at our Housewarming Party!

January 12 2019
Saturday, Jan. 26th from 2-5pm at our new RiNo location: The Workroom | 3070 Blake Street, 2nd Floor Outside if weather permits, or else in the commons area | Booze & Tamale Kitchen food provided! RSVP at

Denverdata's Farewell Party

November 28 2018

We were so excited about our new Google Cloud based infrastructure that we kicked it Office Space style! On Friday, October 26th we issued a fond farewell to our old hard iron server infrastructure by putting bat to hardware. Cathartic? We thought so. Symbolic? We'll leave that for you to decide. As we observed the joyous destruction of the technology of days past, we pondered together the notion that it's impossible to destroy a cloud with a bat. We also said goodbye to our TAXI campus...
Global Health Assurance Partnership (GHAP) Desktop Screenshot

New Site Launch Global Health Assurance Partnership (GHAP)

October 9 2018

Check out the new site designed and developed for Global Health Assurance Partnership (GHAP). GHAP is a not-for-profit association headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Denverdata Web provided GHAP with a brand new website that is now complete with a modernized, fresh, and clean design, simple site navigation, portfolio for recent and past projects. Denverdata Web also provided GHAP assistance in setting up Cloud services for internal...

Denverdata Web Receives Top Advertising and Marketing Agencies Award

Denverdata Web Receives Top Advertising and Marketing Agencies Award

June 19 2018 has awarded Denverdata Web as one of the top Advertising and Marketing Agencies. Out of the hundreds of companies evaluated, Denverdata Web was named one of the top performers based on client feedback, work quality, market presence, and services offered. Everyone at Denverdata Web would like to thank and all of our amazing customers for helping us earn this award. We couldn't have made this happen without all of you. 


Top keywords and their order.

How to decide on your website’s top keywords and their order

May 29 2018

How to decide on your website’s top keywords and their order

As a Digital Marketing Partner, we want to help our clients make data driven decisions to help them outperform their competitors’ websites on search engine result pages (SERPs). In order to do this, we are strategic about identifying the best keywords for their website. Below you will find a proven strategy to help you identify a keywords and what order they should be in.

Identify what...

5 Key Features Your Homepage May Be Missing

5 Key Features Your Homepage May Be Missing

May 7 2018

You want your visitors’ first impression of your homepage to be positive and engaging. It may be tough to understand how your visitors feel about and use your homepage, but you should take the time to understand both aspects. Doing so can help you make meaningful decisions about what features to include. Below we will take a look at some of the key features we believe everyone should incorporate into their homepage no matter what you know about how your visitors.

Click to Call Phone...

Optimize on page SEO

7 ways to optimize the “On Page SEO for your site”

April 27 2018

Thinking of making some changes to your website so it ranks on a search engine result page (SERP) in 2018?

On page SEO is the practice of designing and developing your web pages to help them rank as high as possible on search engines. The higher your pages can rank on search engines like Google/Bing/Yahoo the more traffic they can get.

Gone are the days where you can just stuff your website with the same keyword over and over again and expect to see SERP...

How to use WP Query with a custom post type.

How to Use WP_Query to Display Custom Post Type

April 24 2018

As a developer new to WordPress, you may be asking yourself “How do I display a list of posts of a custom post type on my website?” Whether you are wanting to just display the post title and a link back to the post or present a wide range of dynamic content such as custom fields, images, etc, the powerful WP_Query class makes fetching and outputting your posts a breeze.

WP_Query is a class that accepts parameters to request and fetch posts you specify. The example below allows for us...

WordPress comments in moderation for spam

How to Disable WordPress Comments

April 18 2018

As a site owner or junior developer of a WordPress site, you may find yourself wanting to disable the ability to comment on your posts. Moderating comments on a WordPress website can be very time consuming with all the spam that can end up being posted to your site. Disabling comments through the WordPress dashboard can have the effect you want by eliminating the option to post comments site-wide. But comments can still be turned on on a per post basis, or someone could still inject comments...

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