5 Key Features Your Homepage May Be Missing

5 Key Features Your Homepage May Be Missing

You want your visitors’ first impression of your homepage to be positive and engaging. It may be tough to understand how your visitors feel about and use your homepage, but you should take the time to understand both aspects. Doing so can help you make meaningful decisions about what features to include. Below we will take a look at some of the key features we believe everyone should incorporate into their homepage no matter what you know about how your visitors.

Click to Call Phone Number / Easy to find contact information

Mobile device visitors, in particular, want information quickly and are usually looking to find your contact information. Preferably placement for click to call phone icon is in the header so it’s a feature they immediately see and use. The footer is a second placement option due to limited screen real estate in the header on mobile devices, this is the second place a user will look for contact information. Including the phone number in either the header or footer will allow a user to immediately place a call to you from that link. Most modern web browsers will automatically link any phone number detected to allow for click to call but it’s good practice to convert all phone numbers into the tel: scheme in your code. (<a href=”tel:+15555555555”>555-555-5555</a>) Using ‘href=’tel:’ on your phone numbers by default will place a call when someone clicks on the phone link, giving the visitor a super convenient way to reach you instantly.


Click to call visible for mobile users.


Clear Call to Action

A “call to action” is an instruction to a visitor to perform so some sort of action usually signified by large headings and buttons that demand to be clicked.  A visitor coming to a site with no clear call to action may feel lost and confused; that's where a call to action can help guide your user to take some sort of action. Whether your site is selling a product or a service, collecting emails for campaigns, signing petitions, or looking for specific information, your home page should entice your visitor to take that next step and direct them toward the action you want them to take. Most calls to action include a couple of words with a link or button such as “Sign up for a 30 free trial” or “Download Now”. It is usually placed in a prominent position, often over a hero or banner image, using large text and buttons to help draw the visitor’s eye and take that next step.


Providing a clear call to action to get your visitor to take that next action.

Trust Signals

Trust signals are subliminal cues to site visitors that encourage users to communicate with your company., You can think about trust signals as a sort of brand credibility. Trust signals can come in the form of testimonials, certifications, awards, website SSL encryption and many more.  Some trust signals should be standard on every site such as encrypting your site with SSL so that all of your users are served a secure site. Trust signals such as social media icons, testimonials, and certificates/awards are all dependent on the specific needs of the company. Some companies do not have the ability to feature testimonials and certifications/awards because they currently do not have any. If you don’t have any to feature, it’s good to start asking customers to provide testimonials you can use throughout your homepage. Providing trust signals to your user will help your site become a credible source to your visitors.


Testimonials as trust signals.


Social Media Icons

Presenting your social media (Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin) links in the form of icons on the home page will help establish brand identity. Placing social media links on your site and linking them to their respective social media page not only gives you the potential to get more likes/followers and views to your social media sites but also helps visitors get back to your website. Google looks at these social media links as a way to identify the relevance of the user’s search to your website. Social media icons should be present on all pages in the header near the navigation or the footer of your site (not just the home page), and since they are easily recognizable and can be relatively small.


Social Media Icons placed in top header.

Clear Navigation

The navigation may be one of the single most important features of your home page. Creating a simple and clear navigation helps keep your visitors engaged and helps them find the information they are looking for. In order to create a clean and simple navigation follow these tips:

Placement should be consistent throughout the site and located in a standard position, either at the top of the page in a horizontal fashion or on either side of the web page in a vertical fashion. Because these locations (vertical and horizontal) have become such a standard on the web over the years, users habitually look for navigation in these areas. By having your navigation outside of the normal positioning you can cause an interruption in your users’ normal flow and cause them to leave your site.

Using the correct order and naming convention will help your visitor understand, stay engaged, and navigate the information they are looking for quickly and easily. You will want to describe in as few words as possible what the link will contain and use common naming conventions. The order of your menu items should be from most important to the least important, with the ‘contact’ page at the end of the navigation.


Consistent, clear navigation.


How many of these features is your home page missing? Now that you know some of the key features your visitors are looking for on your site, go ahead and look over your own home page and be sure to add any you are missing. By including all of the features, your site is sure to look more professional, create a positive first impression, help get visitors to your site, keep your visitors engaged, and able to find the information they are looking for.

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