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WordPress comments in moderation for spam

How to Disable WordPress Comments

April 18 2018

As a site owner or junior developer of a WordPress site, you may find yourself wanting to disable the ability to comment on your posts. Moderating comments on a WordPress website can be very time consuming with all the spam that can end up being posted to your site. Disabling comments through the WordPress dashboard can have the effect you want by eliminating the option to post comments site-wide. But comments can still be turned on on a per post basis, or someone could still inject comments...

Green chile search results

Using LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) to help optimize On Page SEO

April 16 2018

What is “Optimizing On-Page SEO?”

Optimizing On-page SEO is the process by which you design and develop your web pages to help you rank as high as possible on search engine result pages (SERP). The higher your pages rank on search engines like Google/Bing/Yahoo the more traffic they are likely to get.

“What are LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing)?”

Actually seeing results in increased SEO rankings takes more than just what is...

WordPress theme selection

Choosing a Starter Theme for WordPress

April 9 2018

WordPress has premium themes available around the web to help speed up theme development. Purchasing a premium pre-built theme can seem like a smart move, but we all know premium themes come with a lot of bells and whistles your website may or may not need. Using a WordPress starter theme can help eliminate the clutter of unneeded bells and whistles, and provide you with a basis to develop a theme that is clean, lightweight, and custom to your brand/company.

If you search Google for ‘...

Google Webmaster Tools Search Console Search Analytics Page

How to get around the pesky Google Analytics Keyword “(Not Provided)”

April 5 2018

Why do I need to analyze analytics for my site?

As a business website owner, you know that to remain competitive in today's market your site needs to be found by the people you want to find it, so you can minimize bad leads and optimize good ones. The only way to truly understand how your audience is reaching your site is through the analysis of data. Only then can you make informed adjustments to your site content, pay-per-click campaigns, metadata, and...

Web Site Development

New Site Completed for Strategic Capital Advisors

December 20 2017

Check out the new site created for Strategic Capital Advisers. Strategic Capital Advisers is an independent investment management firm founded in 1994, located in Denver, Colorado. Denverdata Web provided SCA with a complete redesign of their website. It is now complete with a modernized, fresh, and clean design; the ability to better connect search results with the site; simple site navigation and user flow; and the ability to connect existing customers with the portal. Check out their new...

Web Design

11.30.17- Tom DeGerlia as Guest Speaker at CSU Design Class

December 6 2017

Blake Welch, Design Professor & Owner of Pique Creative Group, invited Denverdata Web's Owner & President, Tom DeGerlia, to share with his juniors and seniors a bit about web design and development on November 30th.

DenverData Web

Announcing our newest site- Glade Voogt Lord & Smith!

November 29 2017

Glade Voogt Lord & Smith is a small law firm by choice, with big firm expertise. DenverData Web redesigned the Firms' website to showcase their portfolio of practice areas, distinguished attorneys, representative cases, helpful resources, and Firm history. Check out their new site at

WordPress Tips: How to automatically link URLs in Advanced Custom Fields

November 13 2017

WordPress provides a wealth of functionality to assist in presenting your content in the way you desire. Auto-hyperlinking of URLs in your post content field in most cases can easily be done by adding the following line of code to the WordPress functions.php file:

add_filter( 'the_content', 'make_clickable', 12 );

However, if you’re using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) then you will find this filter doesn’t work on your WYSIWYG fields. Luckily for us, ACF provides a filter...

Denver Data Halloween Party 2017

TAXI Halloween Party 2017

October 18 2017

Denver Data is having a Halloween Party for 2017


RiNo B2B Networking Happy Hour

September 27 2017

Join us at our RiNo B2B Networking Hour

Tuesday, October 3rd
Finn's Manor
2927 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80216